Toxic Blood

by Kriver

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released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Kriver Recife, Brazil

Krivre released its first EP "Toxic Blood" in July 2010, followed by a string of successful gigs at important festivals, also sharing the stage with notable names like Andre Matos, Sepultura, etc... In 2012, a new lineup emerges, featuring Rafael Gorga (v), Bruno Oliveira (g), Guilherme Cordasso (b), Marcelo Neves (g) and Ricardo Lira (d). The group released 2 more EPs "Torrential" and "Foresight" ... more

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Track Name: Toxic Blood
Look at me and you'll see,
i'm not the kind of man you hear about.
Look at me, i am free,
i've payed too high to find a road with no way out.

There is no other optic,
my blood is no pure,
my blood is toxic,
and there is no cure.

What are you afraid of?
Just because i feel so good?!
When i talk with satan or god,
i talk trough my toxic blood.
Track Name: Dirty Thoughts
You don't need to be afraid when i look at you, baby.
You don't know, but my intentions are really good.

Every time you take a breath, i can feel that you're not satisfied.
(but) If i have a chance, i can make you feel allright.

I can stop to seduce you for a while, but i can't decrease my desire.
So, give up if you're thinking that i'll leave you away.
You heard all what i told you? Let me show what i can do when i hold you.
After all this feelings you'll never be the same.

I know, my eyes can show my thoughts when i stare at you, baby.
But i cannot wait to make it true
Track Name: Whore Love
She is hotter than hell and always drives me crazy.
If you think that you know the face of the devil, you're wrong.
I can feel her smell, oh god, i'm goining frenzy,
just look to her eyes and you'll feel that you're not so strong.

I'm falling in love with a bitch and i guess it will be forever,
I guess she is some kind of witch, if i'll die....Will be now or never

I always have to wait for the time to curse my soul.
Doesn't matter if i pray, i'll lose, i know.
Track Name: Sorrow
Twenty-five years passed
and now where you are?
You thought that you would be
a singer, a rock star.

You doesn't listened your parents warnings.
All that you care was make yourself funny.

The time don't wait for anyone,
he is aways running.
He takes everybody around you
until make you be alone.

You have no choise honey,
god knows, you don't.
You have to keep on running,
even knowing that you won't.

Time pass for everyone,
and passes even for you.
How could you spend your life
waiting your dreams come true?

Even dreams desires work, and you didn't what it needs.
Now you're living like a ghost, asking yourself how to keep...
Track Name: What Is That?
You have something that comes from your knees.
You have something you can feel it on your skin.
You get something can't stop to shake your hips.
You get something taste funny on your lips.

Don't search for any doctor,
that would be a waste of time.
You like this felling,
it makes you feel alright.
Just come to me and ask.

What is that?!
I don't know,
but I think is rock'n roll!

That burns like a flame.
I know that you feel.
There is no need to be ashame.
This is the god's will.