by Kriver

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“Foresight” is the third EP from the Brazilian band KRIVER. It is a tour-de-force through prog metal territory, bringing together heavy riffs, intrinsic melodies and breathtaking atmospheres into a dynamic sonic experience.


01 - Scion's Resolve (Retribution) (7:57)
02 - Throes of the Wonder (1:08)
03 - Our Silent Borders (5:54)
04 - Ghosts Should Not Care (7:37)


released August 5, 2014

All music arranged and performed by Kriver
Drums recorded at Pólvora studios, engineered by Mathias Severien Canuto
Bass recorded at Jukebox studios, engineered by Nenel Lucena
Guitars and vocals recorded at Mr. Prog studios, engeniered by Nenel Lucena
MIDI programming/Orchestrations by Bruno Oliveira
Mixed and mastered by Nenel Lucena at Mr. Prog studios
Record production by Nenel Lucena
Produced by Kriver
Artwork: Jean Michel (Designations Artwork)
Photo: Lu Streithorst



all rights reserved


Kriver Recife, Brazil

Krivre released its first EP "Toxic Blood" in July 2010, followed by a string of successful gigs at important festivals, also sharing the stage with notable names like Andre Matos, Sepultura, etc... In 2012, a new lineup emerges, featuring Rafael Gorga (v), Bruno Oliveira (g), Guilherme Cordasso (b), Marcelo Neves (g) and Ricardo Lira (d). The group released 2 more EPs "Torrential" and "Foresight" ... more

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Track Name: Scion's Resolve (Retribution)
Run ! Evoke the splinters
Run ! At last, a strike to be deserved
I break and yield to the voices cast
Bring unto me what is sentenced next
Duly justified

All answers will be laid in stone
Much brighter yet still the crone
In behest of revenge I must act
And through pain, I´ll be the one to lend you closure

The flailing of arms, now subdued
Bleak flags dry in fast winds
All sirens are ringing true
Black and blue, searing you

Begone, I say !
For revenge strikes, devoid of delay
In retribution
Forge into thee, purest absolution

Hex ! Faint screams so silent
Hex ! Gun powders blaze, deep savagery
Heed the command, singing bloodstained skies
The blades run deep, as old deeds cry
None so mystified

Unending nights take their toll, growing cold
But my quarry´s resolute, as is my resolve

And thus the shrapnel speaks
In my most dire hour
I resent to gladly shatter
And by true serenity, be devoured
Track Name: Our Silent Borders
Brothers, sisters ! Let me into thy arms
Landlock me in purest soil

The wonder of all worlds, clad in radiant sun
Halls of images unsullied
Until those fateful days

Our towers shone, from dusk till dawn
Proud banners high, sigils of earth and endless Sky
All ye who fight with me, shall inherit glory as far as eyes can see

And if our paths do not converge
If I am spun from ruling all under the Sun
I’ll have the firmament rend
And all this beauty, shall come to an end

Greyscapes, my veneer
Aim to paint Eden into view
Outstretched, my reign runs deep
Coaxing bone, soul and sinew

I shall thrive in crumbling sheen
(and) Be the thirst to quench our seas
Stride alone to the great unknown
And bask in quiet longing
Haunting the ashlars of our silent borders

Praised be Father Time, who’ll stand watch over my walls
For as long as He sees fit
Praised be Mother Pain, who must keep this darkness in thrall
Suspended animation

My word is Deplorable, so come what may
For with it, I conquered all
Track Name: Ghosts Should Not Care
I sat by the glades counting steps, drifting
As if in a dream memories came to be

Alpha and Omega, smoke and ash, falling
Steering into black days at every turn, benighted

Now, this haze shall soon fade away
Like fog in cold rain
On the night our fates turn twain
Dear, I bid you to know
We’re all ghosts, and for life’s doctrinaires we should not care

Cursed be, light of eve and its fleeting whims
Who, by chance or woe, took you away from me
I swore, by moon and sun to never let myself go
From the guilt and longing for the whole’s half I lost in tow

Now, this haze shall soon fade away
Like fog in cold rain
On the night our fates turn twain
Dear, I bid you to know
We’re all ghosts, and for life’s doctrinaires we should not…